Faces behind BANDIT NZ fitness resistance bands - Igor and Maria, photos of us in the park in the grass with bands

Kia ora, awesome people and thank you for visiting our little store!

We are Igor and Maria, two goofy faces behind BANDIT NZ fitness resistance bands. We live in West Auckland and are soon to become parents to a little Westie baby girl. Are we fitness junkies? Nope! Nothing wrong to be one, but this is just not us. We have, however, always enjoyed a good versatile workout to unwind after a long day at work and to keep our minds and bodies in shape. This is how BANDIT NZ came to life. We wanted to help Kiwis have the flexibility to enjoy their workouts no matter where they are, with no constraints. 

We know that working out at the gym is not always possible - there might not be a suitable gym in your area, or there might be one but it's always crowded or is expensive; you might have family or work commitments or kids to look after that make it a mission and a half for you to leave the house, yet alone to make it to the gym; or you are simply not a fan of the gym environment and people sweating, huffing and puffing around you, and prefer to workout and sweat alone in the comfort of your own home. We created BANDIT NZ resistance bands to enable Kiwis to workout whenever, and wherever they want without any restrictions. You can work out at home, at the beach, at work on the lunch break, during your travels (and reward yourself with a mojito after the workout, or during, up to you!) . You can work out with your baby or with your pet in your hands, while binging on the latest Netflix show), and you can incorporate the bands in your physio routine (make sure you consult with your physiotherapist first). 

We've put our hearts in the creation of BANDIT NZ and are hoping you will enjoy working out with our elastic bands as much as we do! As we are a little local business, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our fitness bands to help us further develop and improve our products :) Don't be shy and drop us a line here

Lots of love, 

Igor and Maria xx